It’s easy to get up and running with Sportsbook API.

You can view and use our Swagger documentation here.

To get started with Sportsbook API, follow these instructions:

1. Sign up for a free or paid Sportsbook API plan through RapidAPI

Navigate to the pricing page for Sportsbook API and sign up for a plan through RapidAPI

2. Download a browser extension to let you modify request headers

Download and install a browser extension that will allow you to modify request headers. This is how you will set your authentication headers. We recommend ModHeader or HTTP Header.

3. Get your credentials from the Sportsbook API hub page

Navigate to the Endpoints page for Sportsbook API in RapidAPI to find your authentication headers. The link to the page is here and the values can be found on the right-hand side of the page in the “Code Snippets” section. In this section, you will want to copy both the name and the value for the headers called “X-RapidAPI-Key” and “X-RapidAPI-Host”.

See Example Here

4. Set your authentication credentials

Once you have the values for the “X-RapidAPI-Key” and “X-RapidAPI-Host” copied, you should use the extension you downloaded to set them.

See Example Here

5. Call Swagger endpoint

Once you have the “X-RapidAPI-Key” and “X-RapidAPI-Host” headers set in the extension you downloaded, you should be able to navigate to our Swagger documentation page here and call any endpoint listed without getting an authentication error. Clicking on the name of an endpoint will open a panel and on the right side is a “Try it out” button allowing you to call the endpoint.

When calling endpoints through Swagger your quota limit from RapidAPI will be applied.

See Example Here

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Sportsbook API provides real-time odds data for a variety of sports and markets at a low monthly cost. Pull live odds from NFL, NBA, MLB, CFB, & more.